Budget Friendly Hubcaps and Wheel Covers

While that may be the primary function now, once upon a time these items had a more functional and practical application for the motor vehicle. When automobiles first came on the scene the mechanics – while advanced for the time – were extremely simple when compared to modern technology. On early models the hubcap was used to cover the axle hubs on vehicles. Because roads were typically poor condition, or dirt, these “wheel covers” were necessary to keep debris and dust out of the inner workings. Without them the moving parts would suffer gradual damage. Of course audi a5 all weather covers and hubcaps still serve the same practical purpose – and that’s to protect the wheel hub on vehicles from dirt and other harmful particles while also keeping the bearings from being damaged. People have simply found a way to make these practical vehicle parts a fashionable accessory. While some spring for custom rims on their vehicles, others will take the factor rims and apply custom wheel covers to get a unique look on their vehicles.

Saving Money on Hubcaps

If you’re the conservative type but you still want a custom look for your vehicle, most online centers for car accessories as well as hub cap dealers online offer cheaper options to cover your wheels. The budget friendly models tend to be made from plastic or cheaper grade metal. These models can typically save you a fortune (budget friendly hubcaps and wheel covers can be as cheap as $20 for a set of 4) but on the downside they may not grip the wheel as well and can be easily damaged by road debris.

Springing for Quality Accessories

If you have it in your budget, then it’s best to spring for a nicer round of hubcaps or wheel covers for your vehicle. If you go cheap and by a $20 pair of sneakers from Walmart, they’ll feel good at first but the odds of them lasting a long time and keeping their supportive shape are slim. The same can be said for the hubcaps on your car. Go cheap, get cheap. Invest in quality and they last longer. Better quality hubcaps and wheel covers are made of stronger materials and even higher-grade metals. Some accessories are produced to be make and model specific so they act as a perfect fit for your vehicle – often sporting the automaker logo with creative designs to support the look of the car. Either route you choose there are a variety of choices in how those hubcaps fit to your wheels. The most common types available in retail stores and online markets are the clip-on wheel covers and those hubcaps that bolt on to the hub. No specific style tends to hold better than the others and it’s largely a matter of preference as well as what works best with the design of your wheel. If you’re not sure which style to choose, consult with your dealer or manufacturer. Likewise you can contact an experienced dealer in wheel covers and hub caps to get some model recommendations that would be a perfect fit for your ride.

Cheapest Car Rental in Singapore

Singapore is a small country. Limited space means the Government need to control the number of cars on the road or else the roads will be packed. This is why Singapore has the highest cost of car ownership in the world. The public transport system is very developed, with the MRT (metro) and public buses reaching almost everywhere on the island. As such, some residents only rent a car when it is necessary, like a family outing to several places on the same day, or a day-trip to neighbouring Malaysia. Singapore car rental can be cheap and affordable. A normal sedan like Toyota Altis, Toyota Vios, Honda City or Mitsubishi Lancer can go for as low as $68/day, same applies to hatchbacks like Honda Fit or Jazz. A MPV like Mazda Premacy or Hyundai Trajet can go for as low as $78/day, compared to the usual range of $100-$120/day. For the past 10 years, there are many errant car rental companies who rent out cars not belonging to the company, but belonging to private car owners who could not afford to keep up with their car loan installments. “So what?”, you may ask. There lies a big hidden danger. A proper car rental company owns its fleet of vehicles, and the fleet is insured by an insurance company which does cover “hire and reward”. A normal private car insurance will not cover “hire and reward”, which exposes you to unlimited liability.

What does this mean? Example:

You have rented a car from an errant car rental company where you are not properly covered for “hire and reward” in the insurance policy and then you met with a traffic accident which you had caused injuries to a pedestrian. The pedestrian sues you for $100,000 damages, but the insurance company refuse to pay due to breach of contract. The judge later ruled that you were, say, 70% responsible for the victim’s injuries, and the claim amount (quantum) is adjusted to $70,000 instead of the original $100,000. This means you have to compensate $49,000 (70% of $70,000) to the victim, failing which you shall be made a bankrupt. Furthermore, you might be prosecuted for driving without a valid insurance, which attracts a fine no more than $1,000 or jail no more than 3 months, or both. This is a very big risk! Why would you want risk being made a bankrupt for just renting a car? What’s more, errant car rental companies may not necessarily charge lower rates than properly insured companies! How to tell whether the car is properly insured for “hire and reward”? The simplest way is to look at the road tax disc of the vehicle. A vehicle registered with LTA (Land Transport Authority, Singapore) for hire purposes with valid rental insurance coverage will bear the word “MOTORCAR” below the date of expiry, instead of “PASSENGER (PRIVATE)” or “PASSENGER (CO)”. You can dial 1800-CALL-LTA to verify.

Generally, proper car hire insurance would not cover “P Plates” (drivers with less than one year of driving experience). Most may not even cover drivers less than 23 years of age, regardless of their driving experience. So, if you are young (< 23 years old) or inexperienced (P plate), you would be undertaking a very big risk if you drive a rental car because regardless whether it is a proper car rental company or not you will not be covered! We have here a recommended merchant that has a well maintained fleet of vehicles with proper insurance coverage. The company is legally incorporated and LTA-registered as a car rental company. It also boasts a “LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE”, assuring you that you cannot find a cheaper deal anywhere else.

Why Get Car Seat Covers

If you’re going to buy a car, you’ll obviously want to be comfortable in it. This is especially true when you’re the type who likes to drive long distances. Even when you’re just driving around town, an uncomfortable seat, both for the driver and passengers, can be very stressful. Thus, it is important to have the right seat covers so everyone can feel relaxed during a trip. When choosing those seat covers, take into account a few things which will affect whatever products you end up buying. For example, if you have kids, you probably have to get covers that are made of durable fabric. With kids, you can expect accidental tears, especially when they go horsing around at the back of the car during a long trip. You can also expect spillages which mean you’ll have to wash those covers more often. Again, that also means you need fabric that can withstand all that wear and tear from frequent washing. If you have pets, the more you’ll have to get tough fabric. Still, you’ll want to make sure that the fabric is comfortable enough. One thing you don’t want to do is buy covers that can get in the way of your seat’s adjustments.

Different types of fabric that you can choose from for those seat covers include leather, neoprene, microfiber, velour, canvas and sheepskin, among others. This is a great way to practice your sense of fashion and taste. After all, your car won’t just be good for getting you around town. It is also somehow a reflection of who you are. Your personal identity is somehow attached to what you make of your car. Besides that, you’ll also want to make your vehicle as good a reflection of you as possible. Because not all cars will have the same shapes and sizes of their seats, it is best to have your car seat covers customized. This means you can have snug-fitting covers which are just perfect both for you, as driver or passenger, and for the seats. It is not good to cover car seats too tight as this can affect its quality over time. Having just the right size for the right seat is what you need so you can be comfortable through your trips. When you have those customized, you also enjoy great freedom with the design and the texture of the fabric that you want to use.

Clean and Green Car Accessories

Accessorizing your car can turn a boring driving experience into a lively one. You don’t necessarily need to spend money just because you want to upgrade your car’s interior; there are car accessories that you can actually make by yourself. The advantage of DIY car accessories is that you can beautify your car with the least use of harmful chemicals and expensive materials. You can begin accessorizing with the car seats since the seats are what people see first when they enter your car. Give the car seats a total makeover by covering them with your own custom-designed car seat cover. You can create car seat covers out of old towels, shirts, and other uniquely designed cloth. This will surely help your car achieve a total new look from the inside without having to spend at all. Clutter is a problem every driver face every day. It may come in the form of pieces of paper, pens, compact discs, and even some of your personal accessories such as phones and sunglasses. By installing an organizer for these small items, you will be able to get rid of clutter and access important items without difficulty. You don’t need to buy a commercially made organizer. Simply make your own out of an old gift box covered with special paper to make it look presentable. Trash in the form of junk food containers and other small items inside your car can also be considered as clutter. Keep the insides of your car clean by putting up a small trash bin at the floor near the backseat for the passengers. Put up another one near you at the front seat. A plastic can 7 inches in diameter is enough to keep all your trash inside the car.

You can also create your own natural car freshener. Simply cut a thin cardboard into your desired shape, wrap it with fabric (old clothes will do) and soak it a natural scent solution. What’s great about this is that you can always drop some more solution or essential oil into your handmade car freshener every time the scent runs out. There you go. Now you know that accessorizing a car’s interior doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on expensive commercial car accessories that contain harmful chemicals. All you need is a little creativity and some helpful resources to achieve a clean and green atmosphere for your car’s interior. One detail that can be easy to miss when looking over your car hire contract is whether or not there are hidden charges such as local tax that will be applied after you have been given your initial quote. Although a basic package price may be attractive, the total cost can shoot up if a local tax of around 20% or so is applied. Again, read through your offer carefully to make sure that taxes and extras are included in the total cost, guaranteeing that you and your wallet will have no nasty surprises later on! Finally, you may want to consider if certain optional extras are included in your package if you think they will be useful for you. One that is popular with couples, families and groups of friends alike is the possibility to have a free additional driver, which makes taking turns to drive much easier and more cost effective. Many reputable companies offer items such as a baby seat or GPS devices for free, so if these are important for you, make sure they are either included in the package or are available at only a small extra cost.

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